Amazon Reviews, an Update — By Nicholas C. Rossis


I often write about Amazon reviews, as it is one of the most important aspects of marketing for many people and Amazon seems to keep changing the rules! Now, Amy Collins of The Book Designer published an update in the form of Frequently Asked Questions. I’m sharing here the most common ones: Can Anyone post […]

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Goodbye, Google+ — Nicholas C. Rossis


Google+, Google’s answer to Facebook, announced a few days ago in a simple blog post that the company will be “sunsetting consumer Google+.” Almost hidden within talk of Project Strobe (a sort of audit for third-party apps and data privacy) was this simple declaration: We are shutting down Google+ for consumers. The decision seems to […]

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My experience of blogging over the last three months on WordPress – The good and the ethically questionable. By Louis


This is going to be a review of my experience of blogging and the word press platform, and how I have gone from 0-750+ followers in three months. I will pre-warn you that not everything I talk about is going to be in the realm of good ethical behaviour. Things I have learned: Tags are important […]

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Are You Sabotaging Your Blog? — The Art of Blogging


Correct me if I’m wrong: you know you should write a blog post. After all, it’s been a while since you last hit that publish button. Yet, somehow, without you realizing it, you spend hours on Twitter and Facebook “working,” only to wonder later what happened… You comment on other blogs, telling yourself you’re “networking,” never […]

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Amazon Releases Amazon Advertising


Thanks, Nicholas. I’ll reblog for the GeezWriter community.

Nicholas C. Rossis

As you may remember, I’ve been experiencing computer trouble for the past week, so I’ve been using Electra’s computer. The first time I tried to log in, I was stunned to see a new login screen asking me to specify what kind of Advertising I was interested in:

Amazon Advertising | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's book

This was the first I realized Amazon has retired three of its ad services and products as well. The move looks like a response to Google’s move earlier this year which saw the search engine giant dropping many of its advertising brands. Despite becoming America’s second $1 trillion company, Amazon’s marketing and advertising division still lag behind its two direct competitors: Google and Facebook Ads.

The All-new Amazon Advertising Department

In an announcement made last week, as reported by The Passive Guy, Amazon SVP Paul Kotas introduced the all-new Amazon Advertising department. Amazon will be retiring three of the company’s most popular marketing platforms: Amazon Media Group (AMG), Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), and Amazon…

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4 Useful Tips to Promote a Book on YouTube More Effectively — Nicholas C. Rossis


I recently shared 7 Reasons for Using Videos in Your Social Marketing Campaigns. Many commented that it’s hard using YouTube effectively–a statement I agree with, as I’m pretty inexperienced in its use myself. Which is why I hope you find today’s guest post by Mahendra Bajiya useful! Mahendra is an entrepreneur and blogger who uses YouTube […]

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Facebook Ads News: Changes in Targeting — Nicholas C. Rossis


Unless you spend most of your time under a rock, you will have heard of Facebook’s troubles regarding its cavalier use of its user’s personal data. Zuckerberg was grilled in Congress and they were recently fined £500,000 for their role in the big Cambridge Analytical data scandal, which saw some 87 million Facebook users have their […]

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