Welcome, Authors, to GeezWriter.com!


Welcome, Authors, to GeezWriter.com!

You have something to say.

You have stories to tell.

This is true even if the content you create falls outside the traditional forms of fiction and plot-driven narrative. You see, good story-telling enhances your effectiveness at all forms of mass-communication. Public relations, for example, is the art of controlling the discussion to shape common perceptions with stories spun for calculated advantage. Well-crafted stories lay the foundation for successful political campaigning, product and service advertising, celebrity and organization branding, legal-case arguing, self-betterment programming, history recording, and most forms of rehearsed performing and entertaining . . . even for passing along the poignant moments of everyday lives from one generation to the next.

200-books-opening-and-closingWhether you write prose for the book and periodical trade, scripts for video and film and stage, lyrics and music for songs, variable-plot scenarios for interactive media, or content for some pioneering new format beyond traditional commerce and art, you must finesse your stories if you want them to be understood and remembered.

As much as we recognize each other’s right to tell our stories to the world, no document or law guarantees us an audience. We must earn the attentions of others with words and ideas that compel them to200-books-flowing-by read or watch or listen. Simple naked opinions are inevitably crowded out by the next person’s, but good stories resonate. They make us think. They become symbols for ideas that may well outlive us all.

Prepare to Write

Too many talented writers do not truly make the effort, then quickly grow discouraged and give up while many marginally talented authors work hard and earn loyal readerships. Putting serious time and effort into learning the concepts in this series and other GeezWriter materials are major steps toward finessing your product. GeezWriter will help you develop the skills, but you have to bring the creativity and desire.

200-fingers-typingUntil you’re signing contracts, don’t worry so much about finding readers. Write to please yourself. Attracting anybody to the compelling ideas in your pages is, for now, a bonus. When you eventually find yourself driven to share your words with a wider audience, be sure you’re showing the very best you can produce.

I’m not trying to teach you to write like me. One of me is more than enough! My goal is to be proud of how well you learn to write like you. Why?

Because you have stories to tell.

You have something to say.

Stephen Geez

2 thoughts on “Welcome, Authors, to GeezWriter.com!

  1. Thanks, Chris, for being the first person to comment on my new website. I’m still loading content over the next few days on the way to offering a growing resource for writers everywhere. It’s easy for any of us to get caught up in lost confidence and start over, and sometimes that’s good, as it’s a chance to find a better approach. Still, sometimes you need to persevere, just stick to it until it’s done. Then you can look at the whole piece with an eye toward editing and improving without it being so easy just to throw it away. Author Anne Lamott has an essay called “Shitty First Drafts” in which she points out that sometimes we need to be willing to write throwaways in order to find that one thing in there, that kernel of truth, that beautiful little piece that we can keep and develop and build on until we figure out what we really wanted to say and how best to say it. Don’t be discouraged. You’re writing, and that puts you way ahead of all the wannabes. Some people want to write, and some just want to be writers. You want to write, so keep writing. We’ll be here offering resources, ideas, how-to, and more to encourage and assist. You can also find us over at Fresh Ink Group, so be sure to stop by at either place again and again! Good luck, Chris.


  2. You’re right about writers getting discouraged, Stephen. I often get discouraged and start over, but I tend to feel as if I’m doing so because I’m just not passionate enough about what I write. It’s a problem I’m still learning to get around.

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